/TERATEC Forum 2021 Annual Meeting Will Be Held Digitally June 22-24 (via Qpute.com)
TERATEC Forum 2021 Annual Meeting Will Be Held Digitally June 22-24

TERATEC Forum 2021 Annual Meeting Will Be Held Digitally June 22-24 (via Qpute.com)

May 4, 2021 — TERATEC Forum 2021, the annual European meeting focused on simulation, high performance computing (HPC), big data and AI, will be held digitally on June 22-24, 2021.

Teratec Forum brings together top international experts in Simulation, HPC/HPDA, AI, Quantum Computing, as a reference event in France and in Europe in this field. The Forum is a vivid evidence of the strategic importance of these technologies for developing industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity.

Keynote and Plenary sessions as well as Roundtables will take place sequentially in the morning of June 22, 23 & 24. Representatives from the political, economic and academic worlds, along with international most advanced industrial users and leading technology suppliers will address the audience, focusing on societal and technological challenges of High Performance Computing and Simulation and diversity of uses of HPC.

Application and Technical Workshops led by key market players, recognized experts and major users will take place on the afternoons of June 22, 23 & 24 and will highlight emerging technologies and new domains of High Performance Computing applications of numerical Simulation, Big Data, and AI around six major themes:

  • Europe is on its way towards “Hybrid Qomputing”
  • Communicable diseases and vision disorders
  • Cyberthreats, welcome to a new World!
  • Satellite data for the environment and climate
  • Autonomous Systems
  • New Storage Paradigms to Tackle Exascale Challenges

A virtual Exhibition is set to gather leading Simulation and HPC players. Solution and technology suppliers, software developers, integrators and publishers, service providers and academic researchers, with experts from competitiveness clusters and public bodies will present their latest innovations.

One area dedicated to the European HPC ecosystem, Europa Village, will be open to all organizations working to develop the European supercomputing infrastructure aiming to the success of technological innovation, and operating in particular within the framework of the EuroHPC program. With the participation of Centers of Excellence, Competence Centers, European research projects, infrastructures and service platforms, associations and institutional bodies which activities are of real added value for economic and industrial players as well.

For more information on the TERATEC Forum, visit: http://www.teratec.eu/gb/forum/


Created in 2005 at the initiative of a certain number of manufacturers to constitute a European pole of skills in high performance digital simulation, TERATEC aims to federate all the industrial and academic actors, suppliers and users, to give access to the most powerful systems, to promote and increase the attractiveness of the field by promoting economic development. TERATEC today brings together more than eighty technological and industrial companies, laboratories and research centers, universities and grandes écoles, local authorities, which by combining their means want to put France at the forefront in Europe in the strategic field, industry and for research, High Performance Simulation.


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