/World’s First Quantum Resilient Network Encryption Solution | News (via Qpute.com)

World’s First Quantum Resilient Network Encryption Solution | News (via Qpute.com)

Thales Y Senetashave collaborated in the launch of the world’s first quantum-resistant network encryption solution, capable of protecting customer data (at speeds up to 100 Gbps) against future quantum attacks. Considered one of the most important threats to cybersecurity, quantum computing seems destined to render many of today’s security methods, such as encryption, obsolete.

Quantum computing seems destined to make many of today’s security methods, such as encryption, obsolete

World’s first quantum resilient network encryption solution.

With estimates that a quantum computer operating outside of a laboratory environment will be a reality in the next five to ten years, minimum security requirements standards are being developed to protect data in a quantum world. The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST is currently selecting the finalists among the secure encryption algorithms for the quantum world that are being developed. In anticipation of this, the collaboration between Thales and Senetas is compatible with the current finalists (including the Falcon algorithm Thales), allowing an easy transition to the winning formula that is expected to be chosen by NIST in 2022. The solution is also compatible with the latest standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Instituten on how quantum keys are created, protected and distributed, an important and emerging security capability that has application in 5G networks.

Protection for the future

The solution, which enables customers to combine conventional and quantum-resistant encryption in a single network security platform, it also provides long-term data protection in a quantum world. Hackers collecting encrypted data today will be frustrated when they try to crack it with the power of supercomputing in the future.. Adopting the new rules will protect any critical data and continue to render data useless without the correct key.

Solution enables conventional and quantum-resistant encryption to be combined in a single network security platform

“As quantum computing becomes a reality, organizations around the world should develop a quantum security strategy and start planning the implementation of quantum-resistant encryption sooner rather than later. This is the first platform for High-speed network encryption on the market that provides quantum-resistant encryption with today’s encryption technology. Our government, Defense, and enterprise customers can safely transition to a future quantum-resistant world knowing that data is protected in the long term, “he said Andrew Wilson, Senetas CEO.

“It is critical that companies understand that all current encryption standards are not suitable for a quantum world. Hackers know quantum is coming and are actively working to steal data now so they can access it in the future, with large, multinational organizations most at risk due to privacy and compliance mandates. Companies cannot afford to wait, it is time to review their quantum security strategy ”, he commented. Todd Moore, Vice President, Encryption Solutions at Thales.

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