/Francis Georgy coordinates Debussy on his computer (via Qpute.com)

Francis Georgy coordinates Debussy on his computer (via Qpute.com)

There were three of us. Everything defines us to the point that we were totally perfect. Cultural and religious backgrounds, political views, and music. Yes the music! Bernard Fettitt It came from hated jazz and rock, which he likened to military music and praised Mushatt, Bach, and Webern. Frances Georgie He started out with Who and King Crimson and has fallen in love with Berlioz, Ravel, and Debussy. As for me, I owe everything to Zappa, and I defended Yves and Varese. In 1969, Frances and I organized the first rock concert at Lycee Claude Bernard School with Red Noise, Dagon and our group Epimanondas. When we met Bernard in Summer ’76, we founded together Instant musical drama That lasted 32 years, but Francis left it in 1992 to dedicate himself to IT. When I stop on my Mac, call it first!

By regulation DebussyHe is fulfilling his dream of combining his passion. He has always been a fan of French music, especially the Impressionists, but also of Rameau, Cobrine, and opera since the end of the nineteenth century. André Caplet, Ernst Anserm, Maurice Ravel, Charles Cochlin, Leopold Stokowski, Henri Poser, Jean-Francois Pillard, Philip Manori, Peter Brenner, David Holmes, not to mention Claude Debussy himself, many of them orchestrated the man who called himself first Claude Dee France is in opposition to Wagner, then Mister Crouch when he writes about other people’s music (hey, hey!). Not having a symphony orchestra with enough training and no use of personal skills in the elite world of classical music, Francis chose to format digital music digitally. The first book of the introductions And the Bergamasque Suite. He claims that he “has deliberately abandoned the steamy and enigmatic aspect that we often associate with Claude Debussy’s music, preferring its liveliness and acidity.” The quality of the samples allowed him to take on the challenge, but he had to go into the results and pick out biases that would inevitably straighten out old wigs.

Francis was among the first to obtain A. take samples. At first it was a file Pedal Impact Electric Harmonix, Then he went toEmulator From E-mu. Years later, computing allows for the unbelievable nuances that film musicians are good at practicing. The result is sometimes too clean for my tastes, but nowadays that is also the case with orchestral recordings due to the desire to control everything. To record a symphony orchestra, I’m still a fan A couple ORTF, Two cardioid mics are at an angle of 110 ° and a distance of 17 cm between capsules, while an exponential multi-path is now used. The fact remains that the Francis Orchestra took us a century ago, to the modernity that will reach its climax with Pictures For the orchestra. Perhaps it is better to remain silent about the synthetic production of the whole, the gifted side of the exercise puts you at risk of being obscured by emotion. Francis will be able to unravel Debussy’s mystery to make his orchestra sound in our no less hypothetical reproduction systems, it’s amazing. I have never managed to surprise any musician that comes out of my speakers. There, I let myself embrace the waves.

→ Frances Georgy, Digital Orchestra: Claude Debussy • Préludes, CD FG

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