/Honeywell, SAP launch Forge Real Estate Operations (via Qpute.com)
Honeywell, SAP launch Forge Real Estate Operations

Honeywell, SAP launch Forge Real Estate Operations (via Qpute.com)

Honeywell and SAP launched Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations, a cloud platform that combines financial and operational data.

The two companies outlined a partnership in 2020 to collaborate on tools that would bring together business data and information from IoT sensors and various systems.

Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations is designed for real estate owners, managers and operators to track building performance via a scorecard that includes IT and operational data, occupant information and other metrics.

The company has been building out its real estate software portfolio and recently acquired Sine, which specializes in mobile software that tracks people and asset flows throughout buildings.

Other features in Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations:

  • Readiness data including availability, open services cases and capital costs.
  • Safety information that includes capacity limits, indoor air quality and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Energy consumption metrics.
  • Dashboards tracking the financial health of the building portfolio and underperforming locations.
  • Experience data for occupants and utilization metrics.
  • Integration with Sine.



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