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The impact of science and technology on business – Explica .co (via Qpute.com)

For sample, a button. In this case, the impact of science and technology on business: when the researcher Martin Aluja Schuneman and colleagues demonstrated with scientific evidence that Hass avocado it did not harbor the larvae of the fruit fly.

With this finding, it was possible to open in 2011, after 80 years of lockdown, its export to the United States and the benefits were in billions of dollars.

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From the laboratory to everyday life, the impact of science and technology on business

The researcher from the Institute of Ecology, AC (Inecol) who, from his stage as a student as an agronomist in the Tec de Monterrey, was clear that it is important that knowledge is useful to society and that it reaches a commercial stage to promote the economic development of the country, he says that the experience has been bittersweet.

He says that subsequent generations of avocado growers canceled the research collaboration they had with Inecol.

The options to continue studying this green fruit – and find innovations to optimize its cultivation – are many and necessary, because if history has shown something, it is that the bonanza is over, says the Mexican scientist.

Some of these investigations, says Aluja Schuneman, have to do with producing avocado organically, generating products that control diseases and pests that are not so aggressive to the environment, efficient ways of irrigation to reduce the use of water, generating resistant varieties with wild avocados and more.

The doctor in entomology from the University of Massachusetts recognizes that this collaboration could have been a virtuous circle that would trigger other success stories between a productive sector with a very specific problem, frontier research carried out in a public research center and the support governmental.

“The problem is that the vast majority of the Mexican population ignores the benefits of science. And we can see it with the producers of berries, tomatoes and other products where the constant is that developments are bought from abroad ”.

Thinking about the great Mexican biodiversity, the need to strengthen agricultural activity and the serious environmental problems that humanity faces, the researcher promoted the creation of the BioMimic Scientific and Technological Cluster where he proposed to work hand in hand with the public centers of research of the National Council of Science and Technology and private initiative.

“It has survived thanks to the resources it received in the past, but when these are exhausted, due to the maintenance of equipment and facilities, it can become a white elephant as has happened with other infrastructures,” he laments.

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Science, technology and innovation ecosystems

Although very high quality scientific research is carried out that has led Mexican researchers to publish in peer-reviewed journals such as Nature and Science, it has not been possible to consolidate an innovation ecosystem that results in the creation of technology-based companies.

“The academy-industry-government link is very weak, there is no business culture of seeking the scientific and technological sector to solve their problems and scientists do not have the training or culture to understand the language of businessmen,” says Martín Aluja Schuneman.

Innovation ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, in California, are characterized by having very creative young people, mature people who can guide these young people, a financial sector (angel capital) willing to risk resources and link a specific demand with a tax incentive .

This triggers things that have economic value, he adds.

The US government decided to encourage the private aerospace initiative, and had the participation of young and creative entrepreneurs, now we all know Elon Musk and his work at the SpaceX company.

In Mexico, this type of innovation is the exception, an example is the recent launch of the NanoConnect-2 satellite in which the government of the state of Hidalgo, UNAM and businessmen (Pastes Kikos and Liber Salus, among others) participated, being the Indian Space Research Agency which put it into orbit. If these efforts are sufficiently supported, there may one day be aerospace manufacturing companies.

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Business, innovation and entrepreneurs

In order to Victor gutierrez martinez, founder and CEO of Plenumsoft, a company specialized in software development, innovation aimed at the business sector is one that creates new products, services, business models, market models or processes that increase a company’s investment returns.

And there are cases that are so important that they give rise to a new paradigm.

“In the business world innovation not only creates new products, it also creates new markets and when this happens, there are new players, new players, new business rules ”.

In the year 1900, the companies that existed were very different from those of today.

There were no data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, or digital marketing companies.

“How does innovation impact the business world? Creating a lot of new opportunities ”, responds the former president of the National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry.

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The rise of data science

There is a growing interest in the business world for data science and artificial intelligence.

Gutiérrez Martínez explains that you can scan a document and have it digitally, but you have no data: words or phrases, when you extract what is in that text, you can already speak of a datified document and it can be processed.

The businessman predicts a intensive use of data and faster penetration of computing disciplines due to three major components that interact with each other and that companies seek to exploit:

Data at rest or data that is stored like data centers Data in flow or in motion. Those that combined give an explanation of something like the prediction of demand for a certain product based on a certain algorithm. Data in action. It means that there is a computer robot that understands that data and executes things, for example, when you buy on a digital platform, suggestions of products that other people have bought based on your purchase appear.

“Companies know that the amount of information they have is not being used by them, it is no longer a matter of automating a process but of understanding it and making it more efficient and faster and for this it may have to be robotized and included principles of uncertainty, similar to how humans act ”.

Data science will allow executives and entrepreneurs to understand the potential of the data they have, understand it as a whole, and make better use of it.

The expectation of the computer systems engineer is also in what appears to be a new paradigm: quantum computing and technologies.

“I don’t sell quantum algorithms, or quantum software, or quantum computers, but I hope to do it in ten years,” he says.

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