/Quantum Computing: How Do Cyber ​​Security Teams Need to Prepare for It? (via Qpute.com)
Quantum computing: How should cybersecurity teams prepare for it?

Quantum Computing: How Do Cyber ​​Security Teams Need to Prepare for It? (via Qpute.com)

The late Field Marshall Archibald Wavell Malayan Campaign, “The story (…) is a typical British way of war, and therefore begins with a complete lack of preparation. I am about this quote when trying to understand new threats to critical national infrastructure. Think twice. Which of the myriad threats are we actually preparing to defend?

Adaptation to change

Our community, engineers, mathematicians, and information assurance professionals, have generally adapted well to changes in the technological environment.

At the beginning of the Cold War, Western security agencies sought to understand enemy behavior by intercepting radio signals bouncing off the ionosphere and analyzing the messages they transmitted. Later, when the Soviet Union moved to microwave transmission, the same security device deployed state-of-the-art eye-interception technology.

Then, after the Soviet Union began to successfully encrypt communications in 1977, the NSA Boarding Signal Upgrade ProgramIt provided a supercomputer designed to compare encrypted messages with mistransmitted plaintext elements, allowing institutions to break much of the Soviet advanced code. Our innovations have kept us safe over and over again, but only when we are ready to face the threat.

Quantum information theory, which has been studied since the beginning of the 20th century, has brought about exciting and dangerous new perspectives. New quantum algorithms for solving computational problems have been awkward, or at least within a useful period. Has been proven unattainable. – By classic computer. One such issue is the violation of Advanced Encryption Standard, a key pillar of modern data encryption.

A collaborative research team of engineers from Google and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden Research This is the theory of breaking a 2048-bit key in just eight hours, a calculation that would take over 300 trillion years on today’s classic computers. catch? This theory requires 20 million qubit computers, and the largest quantum computer currently in existence has only 65.

Their research, along with many similar researchers, shows us that quantum technology poses the greatest threat to the security of critical systems in the history of computing. It may also help us in future conflicts. However, Quantum computer It requires far more processing power than is currently available and should have significantly lower error rates when used to operate cyberspace.

To meet this challenge, institutions around the world are rushing to develop quantum computers that can realize promising theories.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is currently evaluating over 60 methods for post-quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution, and other security applications. An early sign is that quantum technology provides the ability to detect, defend, and even retaliate future threats of all kinds.

Apart from security, most people understand it Quantum computing has great potential to create good things – Easily imagine applications in the fields of science and medical research. However, this enormous computing power could also be used to undermine the classic computer systems that our country relies heavily on.

Benefits of Quantum Computing: Preparing for the Future

How can you prepare for the benefits of quantum computing while at the same time preventing malicious use by your enemies?

For example, MD5 and SHA1 are well known to be widely deployed throughout computer systems, even though their value has declined for nearly a decade. Similarly, our critical infrastructure is littered with single points of failure and outdated technology. Quantum technology does not solve these problems and is abused by adversary quantum computers.

Preparatory steps are clear for organizations that are not involved in the development of quantum computers. There is an urgent need to overcome the inability to keep existing computers safe. Without reliance on legacy technology and breaking current poor management practices, future quantum computers will be of little use. And as quantum computing improves, we must take advantage of new technologies and stay in front of our enemies before they are adopted by those who are trying to harm us.

The question is: What exactly are the benefits of quantum computing? A good question without a good answer. Quantum computing is too immature to apply directly to the real world, or to understand the benefits that the theory promises. However, it is possible to make inferences based on some knowledge.

Peter McMahon, Applied Physics, Cornell University, said: Write Regarding the capabilities of quantum computing, “What we cannot answer otherwise, using quantum computers in the near future, which will answer the questions of quantum gravity theory, or more generally high-energy physics. I’m trying to find something useful. For example, can a quantum computer simulate a model of a black hole? Is it useful? I don’t know if I can find anything, but it’s very interesting to try. is.”

I think McMahon’s comments fully capture the wonders and curiosity surrounding quantum technology. I don’t know what the specific application will be, but the possibilities are exciting.

For example, consider the problems that cyber defenders face every day. Monitoring data ingress and egress relies heavily on linear pattern matching. Traditional computers process these patterns in a linear form (that is, dominate each pattern one by one), while quantum computer non-linear processing observes and calculates all traffic patterns at once. , You can also update the threat model at the same time. Introduce the platform and new traffic control without manual intervention.

All quantum benefits have only been theorized at this stage of technological development, but smart organizations will adapt their strategies over the next few years. Quantum future..

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