/The Top 100 Yale Alumni in Technology of 2021 (via Qpute.com)

The Top 100 Yale Alumni in Technology of 2021 (via Qpute.com)

Alumni Spotlight is pleased to announce The Top 100 Yale Alumni in Technology of 2021. Yale University was founded in 1701, and since then has remained dedicated to its mission to expand and share knowledge, inspire innovation, and preserve cultural and scientific information for future generations. This year’s awardees have taken that mission to heart by producing cutting-edge technology solutions that advance business and society. They have consistently pushed boundaries, drawing on an ingenuity, which their alma mater helped them develop. Across key areas such as information management, software development, artificial intelligence, social media, eCommerce, financial services, biotechnology, and more, these leaders demonstrate impressive boldness in their pursuits.

The alumni represented on this year’s awards list were selected not only for their ability to produce innovative technologies, but also for their ability to apply their expertise to better their communities and the world at large. Whether they are volunteering with non-profit organizations, advising other startups, serving in industry organizations, or participating in government initiatives, Yale’s top alumni are demonstrating their commitment to social impact and to their alma mater’s values. Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of The Top 100 Yale Alumni in Technology of 2021.

Emmett Shear (Twitch), Matt Wallach (Veeva Systems), Ben Silbermann (Pinterest), Ted Bailey (Dataminr), Paul Gu (Upstart), Michal Tsur (Kaltura), Andrew Myers (RippleMatch), Joel Spolsky (Stack Overflow), Bay Gross (Cityblock Health), Aleksandr Yampolskiy (SecurityScorecard), Aaron Feuer (Panorama Education), Sean Mehra (HealthTap), Barrie Seidenberg (Notonthehighstreet), Alexandra Cavoulacos (The Muse), Bill Bellissimo (CrunchTime), Chad Rigetti (Rigetti Quantum Computing), David Friend (Wasabi Technologies), Lisa Marrone (Revel), Laura Schewel (StreetLight Data), Tim Parsa (AirTM), Alexander Garcia-Tobar (Valimail), Ronghui Gu (Certik), Mitch Thrower (Events.com), Matthew Roche (Extole), Alex Klein (Kano Computing), Steph Speirs (Solstice), Hakan Bas (Ace Games), Paul Joo (Summer), Michael Jansen (Cityzenith), Tom Katis (Voxer), Desiree Vargas Wrigley (Pearachute), Peter Ginsberg (Onaroll), Tod Sacerdoti (Pipedream), Alexis Rovner (64Xbio), Dan Ram (Parkpnp), and many others.

To view the full list, visit https://alumnispotlight.com/2021/06/23/the-top-100-yale-alumni-in-technology-of-2021/.

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