/Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: August 2021 (via Qpute.com)
Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: August 2021

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: August 2021 (via Qpute.com)

It May Be Too Early to Prepare Your Data Center for Quantum Computing: Before some fundamental questions are answered, it’s hard to predict what shape quantum computing will take at scale.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft Share New Security Efforts After White House Summit: The news arrives after tech company leaders met with President Biden to discuss the public-private partnership needed to address security threats.

What Has to Happen for Quantum Computing to Hit Mainstream? Data Center World keynote: It’s still early days for quantum computing, where the fundamental technology remains unsettled, and the nature of workloads is fuzzy.

Open Compute Project: Redefining Open Source for the Data Center: OCP expanded the meaning of “open source” beyond software to address the same problems open source software is meant to address.

Taking a Close Look at the $2B for Cybersecurity in the $1T US Infrastructure Bill: The $1 trillion spending package includes funds for bolstering cybersecurity posture in critical digital infrastructure.

The Intersection of Colocation and Hybrid Cloud Remains in Flux: All colo providers recognize a business opportunity in the hybrid cloud trend. How they’re going after it differs widely.

How Much Does Hard Disk Temperature Matter? Tracking hard disk temperature can help avoid disk failure–and the consequences of disk failure.

Digital Realty’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy Rests On Connectivity, Partnerships: The company’s focus is on making connectivity easier for customers, while partners enable hybrid architecture solutions.

Pilot in Austin to Offer Early Look at Edge Computing at Scale: A group is deploying dozens of nodes that combine compute, connectivity, and sensors in a uniform fashion.

Nvidia Gives Upbeat Forecast Even as Supplies Remain Tight: Its data center unit, which sells GPU accelerators for supercomputers and AI, had sales of $2.37 billion in the quarter, up 35% from a year earlier.

Will Cloudflare’s Zero-Carbon Pledge Make a Real Impact? Its commitment to 100% renewable energy operations and removing historic emissions is laudable, but complex challenges limit its ambitions compared with hyperscalers’.

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