/From crystal clear to single photon pure (via Qpute.com)
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From crystal clear to single photon pure (via Qpute.com)

Figure 1. Concept of NFP method using HIM. (A) Schematic diagram of various injection patterns into helium ion sources and planar / pyramid samples. (B, c) Plane QW SEM and monochromatic CL (QW emission wavelength, 400 nm) images after line-patterned helium ion implantation. (D) CL strength and line scan of fitting curve. (E–h) SEM and monochromatic CL images of planar QW after helium ion implantation of donut pattern. (I, j) Line scan of single color CL intensity of (g) and (h) respectively. The length of all scale bars except the inserted image is 4 μm, but the length of the scale bar of the inserted image in (h) is 0.5 μm. Credit: DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano.1c00587

Photons, the basic particles of light, convey these words to the eye through the light from a computer screen or telephone. Photons play an important role in next-generation quantum information technologies such as quantum computing and communications. According to KAIST researchers, quantum emitters capable of producing a single pure photon are at the heart of such technology, but there are many unsolved problems.

Professor Cho Young-hoon’s research team has developed a technology that can separate the desired quality. Emitter By reducing the noise surrounding the target with what they called “nanoscale focus pin spots”. They announced their results on June 24th. ACS Nano..

“Nanoscale focus pin spots are a structurally non-destructive technique under very low dose ion beams and are generally applied to a variety of platforms to improve a single platform.photon Increase purity while maintaining an integrated photonic structure. “

To generate single photons from solid materials, researchers used wide bandgap semiconductor quantum dots. These nanoparticles have special latent properties, such as the ability to inject current directly into a small chip and the ability to operate at room temperature for practical use. Researchers can create quantum dots in a photonic structure that propagates light and irradiate them with helium ions to reduce unwanted noisy backgrounds and generate single pure photons on demand. He theorized that a quantum emitter could be developed.

Professor Cho explains as follows. “Despite its high resolution and versatility, focused ion beams are usually optical properties Around the bombed area due to the high momentum of the accelerated ion beam. If the focused ion beam is properly controlled Background noise Can be selectively quenched with High spatial resolution Without destroying the structure. “

In other words, researchers can focus the ion beam on a mere pin stab, effectively blocking the interaction around the quantum dots, and negatively interacting with the photon purity emitted by the quantum dots to degrade them. Removed sexual physical properties.

“This is the first developed technology to quench background noise without changing the optical properties of the quantum emitter and the built-in photonic structure,” Cho claimed.

Professor Cho compared it with STED microscopy. This is a technique used to reduce the light around the focal area and keep it in focus. As a result, the resolution of the desired visual target is improved.

“By adjusting the focused ion beam irradiation area, we can select the target emitter with nanoscale resolution by quenching the surrounding emitters,” says Professor Cho. “This nanoscale selective quenching technology can be applied to a variety of material and structural platforms and can be further extended to applications such as optical memory and high resolution microdisplays.” Korea’s National Research Foundation and Samsung Science and Technology Foundation have done this work. Assisted.

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Minho Choi et al, Nanoscale Focus Pinspot for High Purity Quantum Emitters with Focused Ion Beam Induced Emission Quenching, ACS Nano (2021). DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano.1c00587

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