/Spinoza Prize for a visionary in quantum computing (via Qpute.com)
Spinoza Prize for a visionary in quantum computing

Spinoza Prize for a visionary in quantum computing (via Qpute.com)

Lieven Vandersijpen will receive a Spinoza Prize worth 2.5 million euros for his work in quantum technology.

Spinoza Prize to a visionary of quantum computing

teacher. dr. ir. Vandersijpen (1972) is Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor of quantum nanosciences at TU Delft.

The NWO awarded him the award for being a “visionary and world-renowned pioneer” in the field of quantum computing.


Quantum computers function fundamentally differently from “normal” computers. Quantum computers work with particles, quantum bits, or qubits, which can not only be a 1 or a zero, but can have many other “states”. For example, quantum computers are theoretically capable of performing bizarre amounts of computation at once.


Vandersypen is a highly acclaimed scientist, he has won many important awards and scholarships. He also runs QuTech, a collaboration between Delft University of Technology and TNO. Large companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Fujitsu collaborate with QuTech.

Computer programming

Professor Lieven Vandersijpen wants to make his work accessible to everyone, which is why he has set up a system with which anyone can control quantum bits at home. Quantum Inspire, it’s called, click here:


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