/Democrats invest R & D in party spending bills (via Qpute.com)
States still not up to snuff on election security, researchers warn

Democrats invest R & D in party spending bills (via Qpute.com)

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– in house: Expect some drama this morning as the House Science Commission will mark up that part of the Democratic Party $ 3.5 trillion social spending and climate package..

— MT only: Advocates are demanding more transparency from scholars after a law professor has submitted a brief document in support of Facebook’s FTC chairman Lina Khan’s call for evasion.

— Dead zone: A new broadband map released this morning suggests that the number of people who do not have broadband access is far higher than the FCC estimates.

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Busy week at home — US Congressional leaders are struggling to mark up some of the larger social spending packages that Democrats are trying to promote without Republican support. This morning, the House Scientific Committee will consider ways to distribute $ 45.5 billion slices to science and technology institutions, especially for research and development. According to the bill announced by the Commission, the main beneficiaries of the proposal are:

The Department of Energy will get $ 15.6 billion, About $ 13 billion of that goes to the Office of Science, DOE’s basic scientific research arm. Of the $ 2 billion for R & D, $ 340 million will help increase researchers’ access to quantum computing facilities. The Department of Commerce will receive $ 13.5 billion, including $ 5 billion for regional innovation initiatives. And the National Science Foundation will earn $ 11 billion, including $ 7.5 billion for research and development.

— Not a normal markup: Republicans on the Commission are worried that the clause under consideration “makes it difficult to negotiate” a compromise between US innovation passed in the Senate and competition law and an equivalent bill in the House of Representatives. Say there is. The Republican Party will submit more than 30 amendments, including those related to the CHIPS Act, which directs $ 600 million in basic research on NSF semiconductors.

First in MT: Advocacy Group Demands Academic Transparency — Public interest groups today wrote a brief explanation to faculty members after a law professor at Northwestern University wrote a brief explanation in support of Facebook’s petition to FTC chair Lina Khan to withdraw from decisions related to social media companies. We require strict disclosure requirements.

–Environment: Daniel Rodriguez, a former dean of the Northwestern University Law School, agreed with Facebook’s claim that Khan’s past statements represent a conflict of interest in the FTC’s filings. Rodriguez revealed that he was paid hourly by Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figuer and Frederick, the law firms that represent Facebook’s antitrust proceedings. The number of hours was not specified.

— Pushback: Groups criticizing Rodriguez, such as the American Economic Liberties Project, Fight for the Future, Fairplay, and Revolveing ​​Door Project, do not oppose scholars seeking compensation for their expertise, but these activities “should be accountable. Is. ” (Northwestern has disclosure requirements, but faculty members are exempt if their activities are consistent with their “institutional responsibility” at the university. The school did not respond to requests for comment.)

“This wide range of benefits gives faculty the freedom to take advantage of university partnerships while protecting themselves from scrutiny,” said the group. write a letter To President Morton Shapiro of Northwestern University and Dean Hari Osovsky of Law School.

Technology companies have funded academic research About topics like artificial intelligence, A practice that is gathering scrutiny from ethics watchers.

Agency Agenda-Setter — FTC Announcement of provisional agenda For a public meeting next Wednesday. One big item: Voting on whether to withdraw the Trump era guidelines for vertical integration — transactions involving companies that are usually less noticed than direct competitors. Under Kahn, the FTC is stepping up their scrutiny.

— And at FCC: Deputy Chairman Jessica Rosenwessel Lay out 8 proposed votes It’s a particularly timely issue after a nasty storm like Hurricane Ida at a September 30 government meeting dealing with the need for elastic communications networks and what to do in the event of a power outage.

NEW TODAY: Visualization of American Internet Shortfall — This morning’s data company LightBox National broadband map releasedCreated by connecting a series of US geographic data and a dataset that attempts to capture Internet connections based on approximately 2 billion Wi-Fi access points such as routers. According to the map, nearly 60 million people in the United States lack broadband access, far more than estimated by the FCC and Broadband Now, a third-party consumer site.

“This is not the answer, this is not NS Broadband map “ CEO Eric Frank told John that it was a starting point for analysis and identification of unserviced areas. The published LightBox map shows connections at the census subdivision level, but as Frank showed in an interview, companies can zoom in privately to look up a particular address.

The state is trying to find a way to get the most out of incoming broadband subsidiesFrank added that he hopes the tool can help officials right now before the prestigious federal map of Internet coverage arrives. Local governments can then overlay other demographic information or data regarding enrollment in the FCC’s emergency broadband benefit subsidy program.

— Missing part: To make the mapping more reliable, LightBox CEO said policy makers need to work directly with ISPs to receive and validate coverage data and fill other gaps to map specific remote locations. Said. For example, the LightBox tool released today doesn’t give a detailed breakdown of the internet speeds people are experiencing, but the company is working on ways to integrate these numbers.

— Why LightBox? The company became an FCC vendor this summer and bid to provide a location fabric for future official broadband maps of government agencies. FCC spokesman Paloma Perez said contract law prohibits disclosure of the number of bids received by agents, but the Commission is “quickly reviewing” them. (LightBox was also involved in creating Georgia’s acclaimed ultra-granular state-level Internet map.)

— Something else to check out: The Institute for Technology Policy, an industry-backed think tank, said Wednesday Beta release Of its own national broadband map.

A tribal nation enthusiastic about broadband bucks — Funding requests for tribal broadband programs have more than five times the amount available, according to new figures from the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications Information Authority. The NTIA said it received more than 280 applications for $ 980 million tribal broadband connectivity programs after a 90-day application period that closed last Wednesday.

NS Ministry of Commerce We have set up a national artificial intelligence advisory board to advise governments on AI issues and are looking for candidates to participate in that effort. … NS Disinformation Defense League A network of organizers, researchers and experts will make a public debut with the goal of fighting disinformation in the color community. This group has more than 200 member organizations, including: MediaJustice When Free press, Plus Disinformation Researcher Support Joan Donovan..

Sean Perryman I will be the Executive Director of the Dr. N. Joyce Payne Center for Social Justice of the Thurgood Marshall College Foundation. He was previously the Director of Social Impact Policy at the Internet Association. … Annie Morita Joins Jiuqu as COO. She recently served as Apple’s business leader in Greater China’s Internet Software and Services division and head of the Global Interactive division of DreamWorks Animation. … Victoria Dillon He is currently the Chief Diplomat of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. She is a veteran and Hill Alum, previously engaged in communications with Cisco Systems and Amazon Web Services.

Elaine Ho He is currently the Deputy Chief of Staff for Labor at the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House and a Senior Advisor to the Scientific Society. She was recently the Deputy Administrator of NASA’s STEM Engagement Office. … Andrew McLaughlin Join the FreeState Foundation as a Legal Fellow. Iran WarmanA professor of quasi-law at Arizona State University has been appointed to the Think Tank Academic Advisory Board.

Is TikTok toxic to teens? “How TikTok Offers Sex and Drug Videos to Minors” Write the WSJ, Created an army of bots to track the behavior of platform algorithms.

Baby come back: Should tech companies bring workers back to the office? AP has more..

Risk comparison: “Money, Imitation, Mind Control: Big Tech Puts an Ethical Brake on AI” Reuters report..

Digital Goding: “Pro-Beijing operatives tried to use social media to promote New York’s protests.” Via Cyber ​​Scoop..

Call their bluff: “Google’s answer to the overheated job market: request proof of rival offers” Through information..

It doesn’t look good: Ministry of Justice Billing a former Ericsson employee For bribes trying to win a telecommunications contract.

New feature alert: “Twitter’s“ community ”feature allows people to form groups and tweet about topics. “ CNET report..

Riddle this: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) States that Amazon’s search algorithm promotes books that contain false information about Covid and vaccines.she I want the company to explain the reason..

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