/Beijing’s Haidian district pushes ahead with 18 new digital infrastructure projects (via Qpute.com)

Beijing’s Haidian district pushes ahead with 18 new digital infrastructure projects (via Qpute.com)

In the course of pushing forward the construction of the “two zones,” Beijing’s Haidian district has been steadily promoting 18 new digital infrastructure projects since the launch of the capital’s “two zones” initiative one year ago.

On June 1, the artificial intelligence (AI) modeling system WuDao 2.0 was unveiled by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) at the 2021 Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence Conference in Beijing. Its 1.75 trillion parameters broke the previous record of 1.6 trillion parameters set by the Google Switch Transformer.

While English language development dominates large-scale models internationally, in March this year, the BAAI successfully released WuDao 1.0, a large-scale intelligent model based on a Chinese language development environment.

New infrastructure is an essential part of Beijing’s acceleration of cultivating and expanding new business types and models and promoting high-quality economic development. It is also an important task for scientific and technological innovation and the construction of the “two zones.” According to Shu Bilei, an official at the administrative committee of Zhongguancun Science City, the science city’s administrative committee has established a new infrastructure special working group to promote the 18 new infrastructure projects.

In terms of new network infrastructure, Haidian district has accelerated the pace of its 5G base station construction, so far completing 3,160.

The district has also rolled out a series of measures to support the development of the data intelligence infrastructure. The measures include supporting BAAI in building a computing and training platform, an intelligent computing power cloud platform, a large-scale pre-training model system, and a high-precision biological intelligent simulation facility.

In terms of science and technology platform infrastructure, the district also encouraged the building of cutting-edge scientific research platforms, including promoting the construction of the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Science.

In May of this year, Zhongguancun Science City released a three-year action plan for the digital economy, which included accelerating the deployment of new digital infrastructure as an important part of its nine key projects.

Since the construction of the “two districts” one year ago, Haidian district has successively held seven batches of major project signing ceremonies, with a total of 67 major projects having been inked. From January to July this year, Haidian district utilized $4.094 billion in foreign investment and achieved foreign trade exports of 72.05 billion yuan.


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