/US, UK, Australia military pact threatens war against China (via Qpute.com)
US, UK, Australia military pact threatens war against China

US, UK, Australia military pact threatens war against China (via Qpute.com)

The dramatic announcement this week of the AUKUS military alliance between the US, Britain and Australia has made the fault lines of a terrible war between nuclear-armed powers explicit. Hatched in months of secret negotiations, the pact revives the World War II alliance in the Pacific against Japan—this time against China.

The UK Carrier Strike Group 2021, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, departing the UK [Credit: Royal Navy/Flickr]

The militarist character of the agreement was underscored by the decision by the US and Britain to arm Australia with long-range nuclear-powered submarines. Their only conceivable purpose, as part of the Pentagon’s overall strategy for nuclear war, is to be able to hunt Chinese nuclear submarines and warships in the Western Pacific and potentially launch missiles against the Chinese mainland.

The alliance will also boost collaboration in cyber warfare and related technical areas, including artificial intelligence and quantum computing, as well as undersea capabilities—in addition to helping Australia build a nuclear-powered submarine force. Australia will also expand US access to its northern military facilities, adjacent to South East Asia, transforming the country into a giant American base of military operations as it was during World War II.

China has immediately condemned the AUKUS pact. Foreign ministry spokesman declared that it “seriously undermines regional peace and stability and intensifies the arms race,” while the Chinese embassy in Washington accused the three countries of a “Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice.”

Just how seriously Beijing regards the US threat was underscored in the comments of “a senior Chinese military expert” in the Global Times who warned that the pact made “Australia a potential target for a nuclear strike, because nuclear-armed states like China and Russia are directly facing the threat from Australia’s nuclear submarines which serve US strategic demands.”

China’s references to a new “Cold War” grossly understate the dangers of military conflict. A new book entitled Peril by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa has revealed that the US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Mark Milley was compelled to take extraordinary steps to reassure Beijing and block President Trump, who he feared would order a military attack, including potentially a nuclear strike, against China.

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