/RAC Journal Club Seminar | Institute for Quantum Computing (via Qpute.com)

RAC Journal Club Seminar | Institute for Quantum Computing (via Qpute.com)

Mid-Infrared Semiconductors on Silicon for Next-Generation Silicon Photonics
Galid R. Suwito, McGill University

Silicon photonics is a combination of two of the most important inventions of the 20th century: the silicon integrated circuit and the semiconductor laser. One major application is to enable faster data transfer over longer distance compared to traditional electronics using mid-infrared light, while utilizing the efficiencies of the well-established silicon technology. However, current silicon photonics still relies on a traditional chip bonding process to integrate mid- infrared photonic components into silicon platform. This laborious yet low yield process limits the flexibility of the larger-scale integration and makes the production cost very high. To overcome these, two routes have been pursued over the past decade: (1) exploring novel mid- infrared semiconductors which are nearly lattice-matched to Si; and (2) exploring novel integration technique to overcome large lattice-mismatch associated with growing more mature mid-infrared semiconductors on Si. The first part of the talk will discuss the demonstration of quantum-engineered structures based on novel mid-infrared semiconductor alloys, Ge1-x- ySixSny. Such structure has paved a way for realizing resonant tunneling diodes for mid-infrared applications. Then, at the second part, recent progresses on the metal-catalyzed lateral growth of Ge films directly on Si substrate will be reported. The fundamentals, promises, and challenges of this technique will be discussed.

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