/This Week in Jobs DMV: Spooky Season (via Qpute.com)
This Week in Jobs DMV: Spooky Season

This Week in Jobs DMV: Spooky Season (via Qpute.com)

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(Pumpkin) Patch Yourself Up

Fall is finally upon us. And with the leaves set to change color and fall soon, there are plenty of farms around Maryland ready to celebrate this spooky season with pumpkin patches, corn mazes and more.

The only thing spookier than getting lost in a huge corn maze is job hunting. But just like getting lost in a maze, the important thing to remember is to never stop searching.

There’s something exciting waiting for you. You just need to stay persistent and find it (and watch out for ghosts).

The News

UMBC is leading a new institute that’s analyzing data on melting polar ice in order to understand the effects on sea levels and help communities prepare for potential hazards.

DC advocacy organization Black Women’s Health Imperative recently launched its Workplace Equity Initiative, which is focused on removing racism from the workplace and improving Black women’s health and wellness.

Check out a roundup of upcoming Baltimore tech events, including pitch nights, virtual meetups and conferences.

College Park check: IonQ is set to make its public trading debut. Here’s a look at the quantum computing company’s 2021 highlights.

The Jobs





The End

I’ll catch you next week.

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